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Law Offices of Mery Lopez
item imageTitle Insurance & ClosingsIf you're making Miami-Dade County or South Florida your home — or just investing in a home in the area — then you are affected by real estate law. As a potential owner, seller, broker, lender, borrower, investor or other arrangement, you need oversight in your transaction. Learn More
item imageLoan Modification / Short Sales/ Foreclosure DefenseIs the loan you have today different from the loan you signed just a few years ago? Were you surprised by an increase in the monthly payment amount on your mortgage? Are you eligible for some of the new programs to help with this complicated issue? Learn More
item imageLandlord/Tenant Disputes & EvictionsCommercial evictions in South Florida generally fall into two categories: (1) monetary, i.e., the tenant is not paying the rent; and (2) non-monetary, i.e., the tenant is paying the rent, but violating some other provision of the lease agreement. Examples of non-monetary eviction cases, include but are not limited to. Learn More
item imageWills & Probate LawThe will is at the core of every basic estate plan. While the will allows you to name a personal representative to administer your estate (someone you trust), and allows you to decide who gets what and when, it serves many more purposes than that. Learn More
item imageReal Estate Contract & Lease NegotiationsA real estate contract is a legally-binding document between two or more parties. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease residential or commercial property, you should always seek out the services of an experienced real estate lawyer in Miami-Dade County. Learn More
There are hundreds of reasons why home sales deals fall through. None of them is your fault. You can make sure this doesn't happen to you. Want to find out how? Learn More Buyer
Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. It is difficult to know whom to trust. Do you want to learn why hiring a lawyer is the most important decision you — the buyer — will make? Learn More

Real Estate Attorney Miramar, FL

Are you in need of legal assistance in the realm of real estate? The Law Offices of Mery Lopez are here to help. As a real estate attorney in Miramar, FL, we’ve been helping people gain peace of mind in their real estate transactions since 2003.

Whether you need help creating real estate contracts or navigating loss mitigation, our team is here to assist. Contact us today either by phone at (305) 882-2739 or fill out the form below!

Your Trusted Partner for Real Estate Contracts and Partnerships

When performing a real estate transaction, hiring the right lawyer is the most important decision you could make. They'll be the ones who accurately create contracts with clearly defined expectations of both parties, as well as enforce any parts of the agreement if necessary.

The Law Offices of Mery Lopez are your most trusted partners in real estate law. After 15 years of experience practicing law with a focus on real estate, we know how to get the best deal for our clients.

We Help Our Clients With

  • Real estate contract creation
  • Negotiations
  • Title insurance and closings
  • Short sales
  • Loss mitigation
  • Foreclosure assistance…and more!

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Put our team’s legal experience to work for you today by giving us a call at (305) 882-2739 or filling out the form below! We look forward to hearing from you.

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