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The Real Estate Attorney's Role as a Title Closing Agent

The Real Estate Attorney's Role as a Title Closing Agent

If you are planning on buying or selling a home, it is imperative that you ally with a real estate attorney. Aside from providing useful advice and reviewing complex documents, an attorney can operate as your closing agent. Let's take a look at why so many homebuyers and sellers work closely with a real estate attorney.

Improving the Mortgage Loan Transaction Process

A closing attorney will assist a borrower in his or her attempt to navigate the maze that is the mortgage loan transaction process. The closing attorney will handle all of the necessary arrangements outside of the quest for loan approval, allowing the closing to occur as quickly and easily as possible. All sorts of issues can arise pertaining to the property's record title, the actual sale transaction and other loose ends. Rely on a closing attorney to guide you through this process and you'll find that you are kept “in the loop” and fully informed regarding the nuances of the transaction.

Closing Attorneys Resolve Conflicts

If there is any sort of disagreement pertaining to the title, or if any other type of dispute arises between the buyer and seller during the closing process, the closing attorney will likely be able to resolve the problem. In some instances, the closing attorney can catalyze a resolution without charging additional fees to either party. The goal is to move forward with the sale of the property in a manner that pleases both parties.

A Real Estate Attorney Can Help You Navigate the Maze that is the Mortgage Loan Transaction Process

A Closing Attorney's Specific Services

When a lender provides a prospective homebuyer with a closing fee quote, it entails an array of services. A large portion of these responsibilities falls under the domain of the closing attorney. The closing attorney will order and procure a title examination, analyze the abstract of title examination, procure tax and municipal lien information, prepare loan documents along with the settlement statement, prepare and issue the title certification, obtain and review the property's plot/survey information and uncover existing liens on the property. Other duties include the recording and delivery of all pertinent documents, preparing and issuing the title insurance policy, maintaining the transaction's proceeds in an Interest on Lawyer Trust Account and disbursing these proceeds to the appropriate party.

A Helping Hand From Start to Finish

The home closing process is inherently complicated. There are all sorts of pitfalls that a buyer or seller can fall into if they fail to work with a savvy and experienced closing attorney. Lean on a closing attorney to provide critically important legal advice that safeguards your financial investment in the property. A real estate attorney can act as a title closing agent to gauge the quality of the title, issue title insurance, prepare all closing documents in an accurate fashion and provide helpful insight throughout the process. Since certain closing documents such as the promissory note and power of attorney must be drafted by an attorney, you will enjoy the “full service” you desire when allying with a closing attorney. The end result is significantly less stress for all parties involved.

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