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Why You Should Have a Real Estate Attorney Handle Your Title Closing

Why You Should Have a Real Estate Attorney Handle Your Title Closing

Closing on a house is an exciting time for the buyer and the seller of the property. It also means a payday for the real estate agent. For everyone involved, it's very important to get the closing documents in order and ensure that everything is recorded correctly. A lot of people do that by arranging their closing through a title company, but working with real estate attorney Mery Lopez is a much better choice. When you work with an attorney instead of a title company, you get the benefit of real estate and legal expertise, along with proper legal representation in your transaction. 

Title Company vs. Attorney

You've found the house of your dreams, made the offer, it has been accepted, and you are in contract. Now, it is time to close the deal and issue your title insurance. If you work with a title company and close through a title officer, you can expect a transaction that will involve buyer and seller signing documents to transfer ownership of the house. Depending on how the company handles its transactions, the buyer and seller may sit down across the table from one another, or they may sign at different times. The company will issue title insurance as well to protect the buyer against any future claims against the title of the property.

Working with an attorney, on the other hand, offers you more than just a quick signing and a title insurance policy. Because of the expertise an attorney offers, it's possible to protect your interests, and make sure the contract that was created between buyer and seller covers everything that matters. Real estate agents typically use standard form contracts, but those are not the best choice for every situation. If there is a uniqueness to the property or any concerns about it, retaining a title attorney can help ensure a transaction that is fair and equitable, and that protects the interests of the parties properly.

A Real Estate Attorney Will Look Out For Your Best Interests

Benefits for the Buyer

When a buyer is ready to purchase a house, it can be the most expensive purchase that person will ever make. Don't make a mistake and end up with a home that isn't worth what you paid, or that has title issues or other problems. You can avoid those big risks by hiring a real estate attorney who will look out for your best interests. A title company simply handles the transaction, but isn't in the business of looking out for the buyer, seller or real estate agent. Buyers who hire a real estate attorney have a legal advocate on their side who is working solely for them, and that can give them a big benefit.

Attorney Mery Lopez is highly experienced in all stages of a real estate transaction, from negotiations to clearing title and closing the deal. Her team can expedite the process, record the necessary documents, issue title insurance, and finalize the closing. Then everyone walks away happy from their real estate transaction, and the chance of any legal problems is greatly reduced. Contact the office for an appointment by calling toll free number (855) 529-5673.