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Staying Up To Date with Florida Real Estate Laws

Staying Up To Date with Florida Real Estate Laws

With recent changes in the real estate laws in Florida, it's very important that realtors keep up with the latest developments. Buyers and sellers also want to pay attention to any significant changes in the law, because those changes can affect their real estate transaction. The best way to navigate and self-educate about real estate topics is to focus on the right kinds of resources, such as, the Florida Real Estate Commission and others. That can help keep real estate agents up to date on the forms they need to use and the fine points of their real estate transactions, so they reduce their chances of making mistakes with buyers or sellers.

A Real Estate Attorney Can Help

Requirements for real estate transactions can change at any time, but one of the best ways to ensure that everything moves smoothly is to work with a real estate attorney. Even when you keep up with the real estate laws in Florida, it's possible that something might get overlooked. By using a title attorney instead of simply going to closing at a title company, you can protect yourself and your clients — whether buyers or sellers — from any problems that may arise due to changing laws. Assumption is never a good thing where law is concerned, so making sure that you understand recent laws and have an attorney on your side can give you the peace of mind you need to confidently move forward with any transaction.

A Title Officer Might Not Be Enough

Working With a Title Officer May Not be Enough

While a title officer can help with many aspects of the actual closing transaction, they may not have the in-depth knowledge needed to address any serious title issues or adjustments to the law. That is especially true if those law changes have just recently occurred. A well-qualified real estate attorney, however, will know what recent changes have taken place, and how those changes may impact you and your clients in their real estate transactions. Realtors typically use standard forms, and so does the title company. If a law has changed but the forms have not been updated, there could be legal ramifications based on what a buyer or seller agreed to and what they should have agreed to.

Title officers are skilled in handling the actual closing, but only a real estate attorney is prepared to address specific aspects of the law that could affect buyers and sellers to a real estate transaction. Whether the property is unique or the laws have recently been changed and that affects how a sale will be handled, it is vital to be sure that the legalities of the transaction are fully understood. Title company officers are not attorneys, and cannot provide the legal advice that a realtor or their client may need. If you consult with an attorney early on in the process, closing delays and other problems can also often be avoided, making the entire transaction easier for everyone involved.

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